Mindset Is Everything! Well, kinda…

Mindset is everything.  We’ve all heard this before. Most of us have likely said it a time or two. Some call it total BS; others believe in the “magic”.

I’m going to say I am with the group who believes in the magic.  OK,  I don’t really believe in magic. 😁 However, I do believe your mind, body, and spirit will never do anything you don’t tell it to do.

Meaning if you tell yourself you are a loser,  you don’t somehow become a winner.  You can’t! Neither your mind, body, or spirit will do what it takes to win since you’ve established yourself as a loser.

In order to change your fate, you would have to have a new conversation with yourself that now convinces yourself that you are indeed a winner. Soon your possibilities of becoming a winner increases. Not simply because you talked to yourself,  but because you start to do things that winners do.

You start to set goals, plan out how to achieve those goals, then you execute that plan.

Sure, mindset is everything.  Just be ready to put in work once you have the right mindset.

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