How Far Will You Go?

Most don’t know my story and that’s by design… My thought is appropriate me from where you see me today not because you know how far I’ve come. That said, in a conversation with a guy today about life, business, health, family, marriage,etc. I was asked when did I get it. When did the light switch on for me.

I recited what this picture reads… ….Once you truly understand you are your only limit EVERYTHING changes!

#brickyard4life #riplilcleveland

Sure I do this for my livelihood. I Absolutely do this for my family. BUT, daily I think of the guys I was side by side with as a kid who had just as much potential as me or more but they are not here. Those guys who’s life was cut short by quick decisions. Not to debate who made the quick decision, rather to understand that I made most of those same quick decisions.

20181016_111503 Someway, somehow I’m still here. Not because I was smarter, faster,  or stronger. Just a little bit luckier at the time.  For those reasons i’m forever on a path, a quest for something greater. That’s the least I can do in honor of their memory.

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