Don’t Wait – Don’t WAIT – DON’T WAIT!

Thanksgiving Giving is almost here. Christmas is closing in on us quickly. New Years is right around the corner.

Yes, we’ve reached that point in the year where so many will make the decision to coast and ride 2018 out. They will start to think about the goals they set for this year and visualize them as resolutions to make for 2019. At that point they have officially checked out. Your brain, your body, your soul gets the message that nothing will be accomplished this year. This year will end just like last year and so many years before.

I say, don’t check out just yet. There are still 6 weeks left in 2018! You can still do something productive this year. There is still time to:

– Read a book;

– Complete a training class;

– Lose 5 pounds;

– Visit a grandparent;

– Run a 5K;

– Start working out;

– Go on a trip;

– Start improving your credit; or

– Any other short term goal you’ve set for yourself for the past 5 years.

Six weeks is a lot of time to do nothing! It doesn’t have to be anything major, but do something to end this year winning. The


goals you will set for yourself for 2019 have a better chance of being accomplished if you end 2018 feeling like you are someone who sets goals, stays committed, and reaches them. #mindsetiseverything

Most goals aren’t reached because we make the mistake of thinking the tomorrow version of us will have more willpower than the person we are today. Truth is, if no moves are made today we will be the same person, or a lesser version of ourselves, tomorrow.

2018 is still yours! What will you accomplish THIS YEAR?



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