Don’t Wait – Don’t WAIT – DON’T WAIT!

Thanksgiving Giving is almost here. Christmas is closing in on us quickly. New Years is right around the corner.

Yes, we’ve reached that point in the year where so many will make the decision to coast and ride 2018 out. They will start to think about the goals they set for this year and visualize them as resolutions to make for 2019. At that point they have officially checked out. Your brain, your body, your soul gets the message that nothing will be accomplished this year. This year will end just like last year and so many years before.

I say, don’t check out just yet. There are still 6 weeks left in 2018! You can still do something productive this year. There is still time to:

– Read a book;

– Complete a training class;

– Lose 5 pounds;

– Visit a grandparent;

– Run a 5K;

– Start working out;

– Go on a trip;

– Start improving your credit; or

– Any other short term goal you’ve set for yourself for the past 5 years.

Six weeks is a lot of time to do nothing! It doesn’t have to be anything major, but do something to end this year winning. The


goals you will set for yourself for 2019 have a better chance of being accomplished if you end 2018 feeling like you are someone who sets goals, stays committed, and reaches them. #mindsetiseverything

Most goals aren’t reached because we make the mistake of thinking the tomorrow version of us will have more willpower than the person we are today. Truth is, if no moves are made today we will be the same person, or a lesser version of ourselves, tomorrow.

2018 is still yours! What will you accomplish THIS YEAR?



How Far Will You Go?

Most don’t know my story and that’s by design… My thought is appropriate me from where you see me today not because you know how far I’ve come. That said, in a conversation with a guy today about life, business, health, family, marriage,etc. I was asked when did I get it. When did the light switch on for me.

I recited what this picture reads… ….Once you truly understand you are your only limit EVERYTHING changes!

#brickyard4life #riplilcleveland

Sure I do this for my livelihood. I Absolutely do this for my family. BUT, daily I think of the guys I was side by side with as a kid who had just as much potential as me or more but they are not here. Those guys who’s life was cut short by quick decisions. Not to debate who made the quick decision, rather to understand that I made most of those same quick decisions.

20181016_111503 Someway, somehow I’m still here. Not because I was smarter, faster,  or stronger. Just a little bit luckier at the time.  For those reasons i’m forever on a path, a quest for something greater. That’s the least I can do in honor of their memory.

Safety First! 🤣😂🤣😂

I hit the gym for lunch yesterday to get a workout instead of stuffing my face as I normally do at lunch time. I got a nice workout in and a good sweat going considering I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked since it was just a quick one for lunch. I wanted to get a little more sweat, so I decided to sit in the sauna for 10 minutes before showering, changing, and heading back to work.

As I was sitting in the sauna one of the guys in there, an older gentleman, must have noticed how short my workout was as he looked at me and said, that wasn’t long enough was it. It was a question kind of but more of a statement in the sense that we both knew 35 minutes in there was better than nothing, but I could definitely stand to stay a little longer. I smiled and politely explained that I was just getting one in on my lunch break but needed to get back to work as I have some deadlines to meet on a few policies I’m developing.

He then asked what kind of work I did for a living. I explained that I work with companies to keep their employees safe and maintain safety compliance. He looked at me and said Ohhhh an OSHA man, huh. I said I consider myself a man for the people. In the slight darkest of the sauna room, you could see a clear grin show up on this face. He didn’t say anything for maybe 2 seconds; it seemed more like 2 minutes, as it was a complete break in the conversation. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back on the wall, settling in for the next few minutes of quiet sweat in the sauna.

Out of nowhere, a guy who was not in the conversation yelled out Safety First! My eyes opened, I looked up, the older fella who I was talking to earlier was looking right at me. Without saying a word, the two of us busted out laughing! The look on the “Safety First” guy’s face was like what is so funny. We could not stop laughing to even answer the questions his face was asking.

Finally, the laughing stopped but we were both still smiling. When I could calm down enough to speak, I said, ok your turn, what do you do? He was an Equipment Operator for a construction company. He has been doing that for over 30 years. As he rattled off his experience, I listened and smiled as I put two and two together on his earlier comment of calling me an “OSHA Man”. He smiled as well, likely thinking back to my comment of “Man for the People”. So, we both smelled a little BS in the room but respected it the same without even mentioning it, LOL…

Meanwhile, the “Safety First” guy is still looking at us like what was so freaking funny about my statement. We still didn’t answer his silent questions. Instead I said, tell me Old School, he smiled as if to admire the new name he just received from a stranger in the sauna room, what does Safety First actually mean in the real World?

His response was quick; he didn’t have to think or hesitate one bit. As he would explain, Safety First means safety first as long as we can get the job done on time and under budget. Safety is always first when things go the way they are put down on paper. The catch is they never do, and everyone seems to forget that safety first chant when its crunch time.

He would further explain, that in his over 30 years of experience he has been through Safety Trainings, New Hire Orientations, heard speeches from Site Safety Guys, Safety Directors, Senior Management, CEOs, and Company Owners. Most of them meant that safety was first or felt that was the truth. He added, I will just say this. We have a saying in the field when people say Safety First, we say yea, the First to Go! He said, you have to keep yourself safe regardless of the company’s stance because their’s may change and you are the one who has to live with the consequences.

The face of “Safety First” guy obviously changed at this point. He did not say a word, he continued to listen. The look on his face seemed like he was waiting for my response. There was none. At least no verbally. There was just another smile on my face.

A little smile to suggest that I knew just where the older gentleman was speaking from. He wasn’t speaking from hatred toward safety just from his experience of what happens with safety when the project budget is tight, the company needs to make cuts because of the budget or cutting overhead cost, or when work must get done but safety equipment is not on-site. There was no reason to argue against his point. After all, how could his observation of his own real-life experience be wrong?

I made it out the sauna, showered up, and headed back to work. Naturally, that conversation was on my mind as I drove. I thought, if I should have said something to persuade the older gentleman that not all companies are like that. Well, he has already heard that from a long list of people that he named so that wouldn’t help. Could I give him some examples of what I have done to keep safety as a core value for companies I have worked with. I thought, I am sure I won’t be the first to try such a tactic with him and he likely knew the people who tried this approach before. Why listen to some stranger in a sauna room talking about all the crap he did in the past? No one wants to hear a list of so called accomplishments. Plus, he was spot on in saying you are the one who has to make sure you are safe.

They want to see action!

That perception will always be alive until workers’ experiences of safety with companies change. No conversation, speech, lecture, training, or written program will change a perception on safety. Only Action; they’ve heard it all and seen quite a bit as well.

They want to see action! Stay Safe Out there…

Mindset Is Everything! Well, kinda…

Mindset is everything.  We’ve all heard this before. Most of us have likely said it a time or two. Some call it total BS; others believe in the “magic”.

I’m going to say I am with the group who believes in the magic.  OK,  I don’t really believe in magic. 😁 However, I do believe your mind, body, and spirit will never do anything you don’t tell it to do.

Meaning if you tell yourself you are a loser,  you don’t somehow become a winner.  You can’t! Neither your mind, body, or spirit will do what it takes to win since you’ve established yourself as a loser.

In order to change your fate, you would have to have a new conversation with yourself that now convinces yourself that you are indeed a winner. Soon your possibilities of becoming a winner increases. Not simply because you talked to yourself,  but because you start to do things that winners do.

You start to set goals, plan out how to achieve those goals, then you execute that plan.

Sure, mindset is everything.  Just be ready to put in work once you have the right mindset.

It Ain’t Easy

Don’t be one of those who are programmed to think there is nothing better for you.  You’ve gone as far as you can go.  This is your life for the rest of your life.  It’s not true!

If you are not happy where you are right now, change something. I’m not saying you need to be famous. I’m not saying you need to be rich.  I’m saying, chase what brings you happiness and let the chips fall where they may.

Take a chance! Not a crazy chance. Don’t go quitting your job without any income. 😁 I’m saying find a way. NO make a way to add more of what you like to do in your life occasionally. Make your life about more than working and paying bills.  It can be done. It must be done. You can do it!CFTUldFUEAARJoa



Day 1 -Purpose of Blog

Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m HT3Stacks.  Today the is first day of my blog.  I have no clue of what I am doing, LOL!  I am a person with a lot of experience in a few topics I am passionate about.  These topics are pretty much in my daily thoughts and daily conversations with those around me.  So much so, that my wife and kids, family, and friends suggested I start a blog to share my thoughts to a wider audience.  To be honest, these thoughts are normal to me so I have never really looked at them as nuggets to pass on.  Soon enough we will see if you agree with me or the people who put me up to this!

I am a person who believes in the power of positive thinking.  With that in mind, in my blog I will share my journey/thoughts/experiences in the areas of working towards better health (The Overweight Bodybuilding Boxer, LOL!), an entrepreneur (Learning Business By Trial and Error) growing two companies (Occupational Safety Consultant and Professional Boxing Trainer and Manager), and life (Ups, Downs, and In Between)  in general.

I hope my sharing will be the motivation or inspiration someone will occasionally need to push forward through whatever obstacle that may be causing them to stand still.

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