Persistence + Focused Effort = Success

I thought I would share a Monday Motivation post… …What you see in these pictures apply in fitness, health, business, or any other goal. The pictures show three recent dates but those who know me would tell you this work started way back in 2016.

From 2016 up to recently this year, when I mentioned that I worked out, the person who didn’t know me would think I was lying. In fairness to them, I didn’t exactly represent the results of the hours I was putting in so why should they believe me. I constantly reminded myself I was doing this for myself 1st and my family 2nd not for others to believe that I was working.

I honestly faced road block after road block, obstacle after obstacle, injury after injury, and many months in a row without losing a single pound on several different occasions. I stayed at it and I stuck to the plan…

How does that apply to business or your other goals? Its simple, most failure is not the result of the inability to complete an impossible task. Rather, it’s the result of the inability to continue when things don’t go as planned, or the lack of willingness to continue when it takes more time than expected.

In business it’s the decision to make call 213 after you’ve heard “No” 212 times. In health it’s sticking to the healthy eating habits when you’ve been eating right for six months and your blood work is still not in the best range. In fitness it’s sticking to the workout routine when the six pack doesn’t come in three months. In any goal you have its continuing to push forward when your initial efforts don’t end with the intended result.

Life is teaching me that almost anything is obtainable with persistance and focused effort.

Persistence and Focused Effort have served me well in fitness, health, and business so I thought I would pass the word…

Do You!!!

The summary of the message below is Do What Makes You Happy! I mean that ishh.

You can try as hard as you can for as long as you are alive and you still will NEVER satisfy everyone

So the 1st person of your Satisfaction List should be yourself… …

The only difference between the two pictures in this post is the smaller version decided to put his family, his health, and his happiness first.

The bigger guy was giving time all over the place to A LOT people. At least 90% of those stopped associating with him as soon as he stopped giving them his time, experience, and expertise…

Which of these two do you think is the happiest? Of course, the smaller one! That’s why I say do you!

My message is not for everybody. My message is to the overlooked, the underestimated, the doubted, the UNDERDOGS. I’ve been all those my whole life BUT Never Once Excepted It or Acted Like It…

Mindset really is EVERYTHING! You Can Reach Your Goals! Think You Can’t? Hit me up and watch I change your mind!

Motivation is Important but Discipline is Key!

Just finished a nice conversation with a kid who follows both my IG pages. Won’t bore you with the details. 😉 Summary of the convo: He was going on about how much I am doing, always busy, never sleep, getting stuff done, blah blah blah. Then he said, I wished I had your motivation. Of course, I smiled and admired the complement.

Afterward, I explained my accomplishments are really a collection of the efforts I put out when I’m NOT motivated. Truth is, many days I don’t have the motivation, I don’t have the energy, and I’m telling myself do it tomorrow. On those days I fight! I fight that mindset, I fight that urge, I fight that spirit and I get ish done.

The times I feel this way the only person who knows it is my wife, almost 18 years together so can’t hide nothing from her; she knows better when I say I’m good. 😂 To everyone else it looks like i love it. Most days i do love it. Some days i don’t. Each day, my feelings, love or hate, are not relevant to the goal so I push forward… …

Lesson 1: If you only hustle when you feel good or it feels right you won’t accomplish much.

Lesson 2: Success comes from doing what you don’t like just like you love it!

It takes Discipline to do this! We all can show up for the necessary work when it is all smiles. The people who show up when it’s tough, late night, long hours, or said to be impossible are the ones who do great things.

Be Great!!

Don’t Wait – Don’t WAIT – DON’T WAIT!

Thanksgiving Giving is almost here. Christmas is closing in on us quickly. New Years is right around the corner.

Yes, we’ve reached that point in the year where so many will make the decision to coast and ride 2018 out. They will start to think about the goals they set for this year and visualize them as resolutions to make for 2019. At that point they have officially checked out. Your brain, your body, your soul gets the message that nothing will be accomplished this year. This year will end just like last year and so many years before.

I say, don’t check out just yet. There are still 6 weeks left in 2018! You can still do something productive this year. There is still time to:

– Read a book;

– Complete a training class;

– Lose 5 pounds;

– Visit a grandparent;

– Run a 5K;

– Start working out;

– Go on a trip;

– Start improving your credit; or

– Any other short term goal you’ve set for yourself for the past 5 years.

Six weeks is a lot of time to do nothing! It doesn’t have to be anything major, but do something to end this year winning. The


goals you will set for yourself for 2019 have a better chance of being accomplished if you end 2018 feeling like you are someone who sets goals, stays committed, and reaches them. #mindsetiseverything

Most goals aren’t reached because we make the mistake of thinking the tomorrow version of us will have more willpower than the person we are today. Truth is, if no moves are made today we will be the same person, or a lesser version of ourselves, tomorrow.

2018 is still yours! What will you accomplish THIS YEAR?



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