My Three P’s to Success!

Hello to whoever is currently reading this!!

Let’s get to it! I sat down to write a few encouraging words because I had a young guy approach me in the gym today. He has been coming to the gym for a little over a year and we are often in there at the same time. Today he walked up to me and was like man, how do you do it? I asked what he meant. He explained that he has been watching me come to the gym for over a year and I kill it every single day. He admitted that he remembered seeing me a year ago in the gym and didn’t have bad wishes for me but at the same time really didn’t expect to see me in the gym a year later. He added it was not like I wasn’t killing it back then, but he felt like I was just getting started and it would some how slow down or come to a complete stop. He asked again, how do you do it?

I said three words. PERSEVERE * PERSIST * PROCEED
I added that every now and then I need a little more help and I would add in a little quote from Young Jeezy, “Trust Ya Process”.

NOTE:  Definitions of these words. (Courtesy of

  1. PERSEVERE “To persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counter-influences, opposition, or discouragement.”
  2. PERSIST “To remain unchanged or fixed in a specified character, condition, or position.”
  3. PROCEED “To continue after a pause or interruption.”

He looked a little surprised but didn’t ask what PERSEVERE * PERSIST * PROCEED meant but I shared more details anyway. I explained that from the beginning of this journey I understood it was just that, a journey. Mindset is everything!

If I had of started this journey this trying to get fit over night the discouragement of not reacting my goals would have eventually taken its toll on me and I would have likely quit. From the beginning, my game plan was to simply proceed. No matter the obstacles and setbacks persist and persevere. Believe me, there were so many obstacles and setbacks.

Those obstacles and setbacks included a lower back injury, shoulder injuries, multiple knee issues/injuries, sleeping less than 3 hours a night, work/life not permitting me to hit the gym the way I planned it, and many more. I just kept going, understanding that results won’t come over night and they won’t come if I stop. In that same sense, I understood results would not show over night, but they would show if I proceeded.

I’m really doing nothing special. These health improvements you’ re seeing are the results of nearly two years of Preserving, being Persistence, and Proceeding. I am no where near my goal, but I find joy in seeing how far I have come.

If I can add one thing that may help someone else, it would be to understand that the goal you are working towards is a journey. Success takes time. Don’t set your happiness only in the end result. That can make for a lot of misery as there will be times when the path will get tough and seem unbearable. Find ways to enjoy the journey (the process itself) and you are more likely to make it to the final destination.

As often as necessary whisper three words to yourself. PERSEVERE * PERSIST * PROCEED Better yet, scream them to the roof tops! Next; Do Just That!


Motivation is Important but Discipline is Key!

Just finished a nice conversation with a kid who follows both my IG pages. Won’t bore you with the details. 😉 Summary of the convo: He was going on about how much I am doing, always busy, never sleep, getting stuff done, blah blah blah. Then he said, I wished I had your motivation. Of course, I smiled and admired the complement.

Afterward, I explained my accomplishments are really a collection of the efforts I put out when I’m NOT motivated. Truth is, many days I don’t have the motivation, I don’t have the energy, and I’m telling myself do it tomorrow. On those days I fight! I fight that mindset, I fight that urge, I fight that spirit and I get ish done.

The times I feel this way the only person who knows it is my wife, almost 18 years together so can’t hide nothing from her; she knows better when I say I’m good. 😂 To everyone else it looks like i love it. Most days i do love it. Some days i don’t. Each day, my feelings, love or hate, are not relevant to the goal so I push forward… …

Lesson 1: If you only hustle when you feel good or it feels right you won’t accomplish much.

Lesson 2: Success comes from doing what you don’t like just like you love it!

It takes Discipline to do this! We all can show up for the necessary work when it is all smiles. The people who show up when it’s tough, late night, long hours, or said to be impossible are the ones who do great things.

Be Great!!

Day 1 -Purpose of Blog

Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m HT3Stacks.  Today the is first day of my blog.  I have no clue of what I am doing, LOL!  I am a person with a lot of experience in a few topics I am passionate about.  These topics are pretty much in my daily thoughts and daily conversations with those around me.  So much so, that my wife and kids, family, and friends suggested I start a blog to share my thoughts to a wider audience.  To be honest, these thoughts are normal to me so I have never really looked at them as nuggets to pass on.  Soon enough we will see if you agree with me or the people who put me up to this!

I am a person who believes in the power of positive thinking.  With that in mind, in my blog I will share my journey/thoughts/experiences in the areas of working towards better health (The Overweight Bodybuilding Boxer, LOL!), an entrepreneur (Learning Business By Trial and Error) growing two companies (Occupational Safety Consultant and Professional Boxing Trainer and Manager), and life (Ups, Downs, and In Between)  in general.

I hope my sharing will be the motivation or inspiration someone will occasionally need to push forward through whatever obstacle that may be causing them to stand still.

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